The year of 2017 was said to be the year of digital marketing. Businesses that were big and small were depending on the digital technology and ecommerce glasgow to make people aware of their products and get customers. By the end of 2017 people started to look for new technologies and started planning strategies.

The digital marketing is evolving consistently and it is very huge and volatile in nature. There are several trends that will impact the digital marketing.

  1. Adoption of AI: Artificial Intelligence technology is being implemented and adopted in all the industries that are facing the consumers these days. The AI is going provide a way for various businesses to find the right information and then reach out to the right target users.
  2. Ads in videos: It is expected that there will be more ads in the form of videos on all the websites and mostly social media.
  3. Adopting IoT: There were a lot of products and applications that were launched in 2017 for IoT and still many things are emerging. It is believed that the combination of data and IoT will bring revolution in many fields.
  4. Mobile first algorithm: It has been expected that Google is going to launch the mobile-first algorithm. The performance of the mobile when you browse will be examined by Google and respective ranking will be provided.
  5. AR over VR: It is being said by analysts that the year 2018 will bring about change in reality that the augmented. However, an app has been released by Apple is known as SRK it where the developer is performing tests its limits.
  6. Visual content marketing: Content is the base of any type of digital marketing. Nevertheless, the way content marketing works are changing depending on the prediction that content is becoming mobile. Visual content also has been trending as there has been an increase in the viewing of videos and images by people.