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        1. Consultation hotline:010-82384870

          Liping GAO

          Head of patent Electronic Department
          Patent Attorney
          Email: gao@haihongjc.com glp1123@126.com
          Phone: 13810300616
          WeChat ID: glp1123

          Liping GAO

          Head of patent Electronic Department

          Patent Attorney\ Patent Litigation Attorney

          Email: gao@haihongjc.com  glp1123@126.com 

          Phone: 13810300616

          WeChat ID: glp1123

          Practice Areas:

          Liping Gao is an experienced registered patent agent with the SIPO. Her practice covers the technical areas of network communication, computer, power electronics, industry control, electromechanical, mechanical and other patent fields.

          Liping Gaos work are, Patent draft and prosecution, patent public opinion, patent reexamination and invalidation, patent infringement analysis and litigation, patent administrative proceedings, patent mining and layout strategy development; PCT application, and foreign application.

          Education & Work Experience

          B.E, Hebei University of Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering. 2003;

          M.E, Xihua University, Power Electronics and Electric Drives, 2006;

          Beijing ufida software Co., Ltd (Software Testing Engineer, 2006);

          Haihong Jiacheng Intellectual Property & Partners (Patent Attorney, 2007 to today).

          Qualified as a patent attorney, 2011


          Chinese, English

          Certificates & Memberships:

          Patent attorney Certificate

          Patent Litigation Certificate

          WFCMS  Member

          Practice experience

          Since Liping Gao joined Haihong Jiacheng Intellectual Property & Partners in 2007, her practice has mainly covered electrical and other related fields. She engages in patent drafting, prosecution, reexamination and invalidation, patent infringement litigation, patent administrative proceedings, as well as participating in and guiding more than a thousand pieces of patent cases of various types. With a large number of practical work experience, the thorough understanding of patent law and related laws, and agile and unique ideas, Liping Gao is able to deeply aware the important role in the protection of rights and interests, while at the same time, respecting facts and according to law. She has won the trust of customers at home and abroad.

          Ms. Liping Gao is familiar with the procedures of entering foreign countries and regions through Paris Convention and PCT.  In addition to domestic patent applications, she also apply patents for domestic applicants in countries and regions like the United States, Europe, Eurasia, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Canada, Australia etc. She has the capacity of using PCT legal provisions. 


          Master's thesis: Research of Remote PLC virtual control system based on industry configuration software;

          Design of embedded MP3 player, Journal of Sichuan University of Science and Technology, Oct. 2004;

          Research of PLC Virtual control system based on MCGS, Journal of Xihua University Nature Science Edition, Jan. 2006.