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        1. Consultation hotline:010-82384870

          Dan LIU

          Patent Agent Assistant

          Email: mybeautifullife@163.com
          Phone: (8610) 15101021247 / (8610)17734457535
          WeChat ID: ld17734457535

          Practice Areas:

          Biotechnology, biochemistry, agriculture, sitiology, pharmaceuticals



          Master’s degree from the Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences,

          Bachelor’s degree from the Southwest University



          Chinese & English


          Practice Experience

          Ms. Dan LIU has been working for Haihong Jiacheng Intellectual Property & Partners since July 9, 2012, serving as patent agent assistant and working on domestic patent application (including drafting specifications and responding office action), foreign patent application affairs (including translation, documents preparation and responding office action) and plant variety right application, etc.