5 Pet Cameras Every Pet Owner Should Know About

Pet cameras help you stay connected with your pet always.  You can monitor their safety.  Every pet owner should know about the following 5 pet cameras:

1.Pawbo Life wi-fi pet camera:  It has a 130-degree wide angle and captures every moment of your pet life.  It has a built-in microphone which allows you to talk to your pet.  Thus, when your pet misses you and feels alone, you can make him comfortable.  This camera is supported by the smartphone.

  1. ZmodoEzcam wireless Home camera: This camera has night vision.  It is voice controlled.  You can set the camera in such a way to send alerts to your phone with recordings whenever motion is detected.  It is easy to set up and connect with smart/iPhone.  So, due to flea and tick for dogs, if your dog is unable to sleep well, you can detect this using this camera and take appropriate remedial action.
  2. Furbo dog camera: This camera can provide a treat to your pets of their favorite games. It works via an android app.  It offers a 90-day free trial.
  3. Petchatz HD pawcall camera: It allows pets to see their owners during the call. You can also watch your pet in silent mode.  It works online even without the support of android app.
  4. Petzitreat cam: It does not whistle or ring a bell.  It is most suited if you want to silently watch your pet.  It allows you to listen to your pet.  But your pet will not be able to listen to your voice.

Pet cameras help in keeping an eye on your pet even if you are far away.  They are available for sale online.  You can check the price and other features and select the most suitable one.…