Top 10 Reasons Why Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier

Increasing your happiness index is important, with loads of stress carried on the shoulder; we need happy and smile clubs to remind us of small joys to be happy about in life. As they say, happiness, come in small packets, depending on an individual’s personality, scientific studies relate it to the good functioning of the nerves and good for the brain and memory.

  • as the connection to the inner child in us is important, the childlike happiness is due to the stress-free playing and enjoying the game simply
  • great reliever of stress as there are no expectations that are set, you win or lose it just pure enjoyment and great stress reliever
  • imaginations run high, the creativity of individuals come out the best while playing a video game, as you do the character in the game, all your concentration is around the imaginative character and lets you be involved and stimulating
  • as they say bonding over the game, common interest and playing similar video games interest people in a gathering that increases sharing their own experiences in common
  • best way to manage work and play can be achieved as a matured way, as a concentrate to finish the work and then play their fun time games
  • having a better hand to eye coordination, and good motor skills that are helpful
  • involving the family members and playing video games from together makes the day special and engage the gang
  • as the gaming zones have new games in the pipeline, there is always something to look forward to for the gamers
  • playing mentally stimulating games keeps the mind active and body healthy as movement-oriented games keep you on the go
  • You might as well play a game or two while waiting for the doctor, without getting bored.