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        1. Consultation hotline:010-82384870

          Patent customs recordal and relevant protection

          Trademark customs recordal and relevant protection

          Other IP rights customs recordal and relevant protection

          Other intellectual property-related legal services


          ● Enterprise IP planning
          Design IP protection strategy for enterprises
          Design IP management system for enterprises
          Design specifically for the enterprise applications for IP rights policy
          Design IP rights protection policy for enterprise
          Provide Basic IP knowledge training or lectures for enterprises

          ●Enterprise IPRights Agency
          Develop IP management systems
          Develop IP strategic planning
          Develop IP program
          IP intelligence collecting
          IP consultation, application, acquisition, maintenance, evaluation, financing, realization, early warning, rights defense, etc.


          ●Implementation ofEnterprise IP Management Norm:

          Whole-coursecoachingfor enterprises on the implementationofthe national standard ofEnterprise IP ManagementNormGB/T29490-2013 

          Our services include,

          Assisting enterprises establishing Norm Implementation Project group;
          Assisting enterprises preparing management files and trial operating;
          Internal self-evaluation;
          Assisting enterprises applying for inspection and acceptance.