There is plenty of weight loss and weight gain supplements today. There are many who look at them as shortcuts. But these are originally designed to supplement your fitness routines. So they work as intended when you follow a stringent diet as well as exercise regimes. For information about all the latest supplements available in the market visit WeKratom website. And even if you choose a supplement plan some gym time every week.

While you are at the gym you should focus on your workout leaving all distractions behind. So if you are someone who uses the phone even at the gym here are some reasons why you should stop doing that –

  1. You need a break

For most people, the time spent at the gym might be the only real break available for the whole week. This is the only stretch of time you probably spend on yourself. Ensure that you keep your phone away and enjoy your workout.

  1. It is not safe

A gym is a place where safety is of prime concern. Distractions caused by smartphones can lead to accidents. This makes it unsafe for you as well as the others in the gym.

  1. You lose track of time

Often if you start using your phone you might lose track of time. So even when you actually spend a lot of time in the gym your phone takes up a major chunk of the time. So the effective time spent on workouts comes down.

  1. Your results go waste

When you are working out your body starts slowly responding to each exercise. Sometimes a short break with a few stretches might be the only thing your body needs. Phone breaks can disrupt the results.

  1. You do not want a germ culturing dish

You sweat a lot when you are in the gym. So it would be very unhygienic to use your phone. Your smartphone display would then become a breeding ground for pathogens.