5 Ways Technology Will Make Air Travel Better in 2019

Technology has changed the way we travel. Travel times have dwindled and this has helped avid travelers explore more places in a shorter duration. Technology has made it possible to get so much done from the comforts of your home. Even something that was once very difficult like finding a reliable rehab facility is now easy thanks to the availability of organizations like Ontariodrugrehabs with their very useful websites. In the same way, even the travel industry has seen a lot of advancements especially the air travel segment.

  1. Get to know the airports and the queues better

There are several airports that now have smarter security systems. These allow you to make airport navigation simpler and quicker. You can also get past security checks without any hassle and without too many delays.

  1. Social media is your gateway to ticket booking

There are apps that allow you to simply use an image from your social media account so as to find the location in the image and then instantly find the next available flights to the destination.

  1. Fly in a drone

Passenger drones are being developed. These might probably be commercially made available in the year 2019. These can make great air travel options for shorter length travels that can beat the road traffic.

  1. Wait times made merrier

Waiting at airport lounges with privacy and comfort is possible thanks to innovations like AirPods. These are designed to offer private cubicles where passengers can rest as they wait for their flights.

  1. Better luggage tracking

Luggage tracking is being made more efficient with smart luggage monitoring systems that make use of RFID tags to label luggage. This can be a great way to end the hassle of missing luggage or long baggage claim queues in the airport.…