How to Turn Your Phone into a Remote?

Your phones are the go-to-all gurus for most of your basic needs. There are a lot of things that a smartphone can do these days. Some of which include giving directions while navigating, searching places or shops nearby, booking flight, train, or movie tickets, listening to music, watching videos, and a lot more. The functions that you can achieve using your smartphone are almost unbelievable.

What’s the newest offering?

One very recent use of smartphones is that these can be converted into a remote control. You must be wondering if it is then possible to switch ON or OFF your television, stereo, DVD player, or air conditioner or wondering if you can control the volume of your TV or radio, and do a lot of other similar tasks. Then the answer to this is yes, it is definitely possible to do all these and a lot more. You can even turn your physical flashlight ON by using your smartphone. How cool is that? This is what I love best about tactical flashlights. They offer quite a few interesting advantages.

How does your phone do it?

If all this is possible theoretically, how does the phone achieve it practically? The answer to all your smartphone queries is in an app. Yes, again, all you need to do is download a universal remote app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and you are ready to work the magic in your house. In addition, you will need to buy an infrared or IR blaster device that is capable of converting the different commands that you feed into your phone.

Why need an extra device?

The reason behind the need for an IR device is because most electrical devices such as the TV, cable box, DVD players, and stereos make use of IR signals while operating. Hence, an IR blaster is required to convert manual inputs fed to your phone into infrared signals.