Technology is explosively evolving. There are multiple dimensions being analyzed for each tech that has existed for ages and the new tech as well. Here are the technologies that are likely to be spoken about too much in the year 2019.

  1. Smart home technology would soon become clich├ęd as nearly every home might soon have smart gadgets of some form. is a very useful website for those who are looking to build a smart home.
  2. 5G or the next level of data and internet connectivity is another very popular topic.
  3. The blockchain is being adopted by businesses big and small.
  4. Cryptocurrencies appeared to have saturated but they are still being discussed especially in the trading sector.
  5. The digital economy is becoming a reality in many countries and most of the financial transactions today are digital.
  6. AI or artificial intelligence is not just about robots. There are so many new dimensions to AI being studied and experimented with.
  7. Automation is something that is being implemented nearly everywhere.
  8. Smart technology is also coming in several new products like textiles and more.
  9. Autonomous vehicles or the concept of self-driving cars is also heating up.
  10. Drone technology is reaching new heights and is being adopted in various new industries.

The revolutions brought about by all these new technologies are also being balanced by the security aspects and that is one good thing. This is particularly visible in the increased adoption of concepts like Blockchain that aim at providing a robust solution to security issues in data management. Technology cannot be labeled good or bad in itself. It all lies in the application of the tech. One of the major changes in recent times is that more and more people are now making themselves better aware of the new technologies out there and are taking steps to try them out as well.